Descendants of Mungo BRYSON

22. Agnes JAMIESON (Mary BRYSON , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 30 Jan 1816. She died on 13 Sep 1897.

Agnes married James CAMERON on 13 Dec 1835. James was born on 16 Oct 1806. He died on 1 Apr 1871.

They had the following children:

  114 M i John CAMERON was born on 4 Sep 1836. He died in 1891.
+ 115 M ii William CAMERON
+ 116 F iii Mary CAMERON
+ 117 F iv Agnes CAMERON
+ 118 M v James CAMERON
+ 119 F vi Helen CAMERON
+ 120 M vii Matthew CAMERON
  121 M viii Andrew CAMERON was born in 1851. He died on 19 Feb 1852.
  122 M ix George CAMERON was born on 28 Jun 1853. He died on 20 Feb 1854.
  123 M x George CAMERON was born on 12 Feb 1855.
        George married Mary CAMERON.
+ 124 M xi Andrew CAMERON
+ 125 F xii Janet CAMERON

23. Andrew BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born in 1817. He died on 25 Jan 1901.

Andrew’s birth details have not been identified. However, if the age on Andrew’s death record is correct, and there is no guarantee that it is, he was born in 1816, and if so he must either have been conceived pre wedlock, or born illegitimately.

Andrew was farming at Drumfork, Mauchline by the time of the 1841 census, at which time he was still single. Andrew’s siblings David Bryson, Mary Bryson and Mungo Bryson were also living at Drumfork, and no doubt contributing to the farm effort.

Andrew married Mary Donald in 1845, apparently at Mauchline, though one would have expected the marriage to have taken place in Loudon Parish. The record from Loudon Parish is incomplete, indeed all the records on the same page are incomplete, ending with the word “and”, as if a date of marriage still needed to be entered.

Mary was born at Hile (possibly Hill), Loudon, Ayrshire in 1815. Mary’s parents were Andrew Donald, a stonedyke builder, and Margaret Morton.

Mary died at Drumfork, Mauchline Ayrshire in 1874. Mary had been suffering from a lumbar abscess, and the cause of death was exhaustion. Mary’s death was registered by her husband, Andrew.

Andrew died at Drumfork, Mauchline, Ayrshire in 1901. Andrew had been suffering from senile decay for two years. Andrew’s death was registered by his son David.

Andrew left a registered Will, and of course there is an Inventory, see Andrew Bryson 1901 Will and Andrew Bryson 1901 Inventory.

For further details, see Andrew Bryson and Mary Donald.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Andrew married Mary DONALD on 21 Mar 1845 in , Ayr. Mary was born on 29 Jan 1815. She died on 20 Nov 1874.

They had the following children:

  126 M i Mungo BRYSON was born on 15 Sep 1845 in Drumfork, Mauchline. He was christened on 27 Oct 1845. He died in 1930.
        Mungo married Annie LAURIE.
  127 M ii Andrew BRYSON was born on 4 Sep 1847 in Glasgow. He was christened on 3 Oct 1847. He died in 1937.

Lived & worked in Glasgow until retirement when he moved to Prestwick
        Andrew married Rebecca BUCHANAN. Rebecca was born in 1853. She died in 1943.
+ 128 F iii Margaret BRYSON
  129 M iv James BRYSON was born on 16 Jun 1851 in Kimberley, Nottingham, England. He was christened on 8 Jul 1851 in Mauchline, Ayr. He died in 1888. James was baptized on 8 Jul 1851 in Mauchline, Ayr. He was employed as Doctor.
+ 130 M v David BRYSON
+ 131 M vi Matthew BRYSON
  132 F vii Grace BRYSON was born on 24 Mar 1857.
        Grace married James Sloan in 1882.

24. Margaret BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 12 Dec 1818 in Backcraig Quarry House, Coylton. She was christened on 27 Dec 1818 in Coylton, Ayr. She died in 1892.

Margaret was born at Bachcraig Quarry House, Coylton, Ayrshire in 1818.

Margaret married William McKerrow, a farmer, in 1840. William was born at Lows (Lowes) Muir, New Cumnock, Ayrshire in 1815. William’s parents were David McKerrow and Mary Hewatson (Howatson).

William died at Croftfoot, Sorn, Ayrshire in 1855, as a consequence of a head injury resulting from falling from a cart. William died ten days after his accident. William’s death was registered by his father David McKerrow.

Margaret died at Croftfoot, Sorn, Ayrshire in 1892. Margaret died as a result heart failure and acute pneumonia. Margaret’s death was registered by her son David McKerrow.

For further details see William McKerrow and Margaret Bryson Notes.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Margaret married William MCKERROW on 9 Jun 1840 in AUCHINLECK AYR. William was born on 28 Sep 1815. He died on 16 Mar 1855.

Additional/second Marriage record to Elizabeth Bryson on 29 Dec 1840

William and Margaret had the following children:

+ 133 M i Mungo MCKERROW
  134 M ii David MCKERROW was born in 1846. He died in 1846.
+ 135 M iii David Bryson MCKERROW
  136 F iv Grace Dickie MCKERROW was born on 6 Nov 1850. She died on 23 Nov 1906.

1906 Death Grace Dickie McKerrow (1850-1906) Grace Dickie McKerrow was born 1850, the fourth child of William McKerrow (b.1815 d.1855) and Margaret Bryson. Grace was unmarried and had her own home in Ayr when her Aunt Grizzel, her father’s half sister who had married William Lennox, a farmer, in 1863, died after an illness in 1904. William Lennox had been ill at the same time. Grace, who had been looking after her Aunt before her death, was pressed by her to continue to look after Mr. Lennox. This Grace reluctantly agreed to do. She sold her home, except for a box of books she gave to a friend, and moved to Cumnock as housekeeper to the then deaf, elderly, childless, and retired William Lennox. The household at "Woodside", Cumnock, consisted of William Lennox, Grace Dickie McKerrow and Elizabeth Thorburn,a domestic servant of fourteen years, when on Monday 19, November 1906, a parcel came by post addressed to Mr. Lennox. This contained an iced shortbread in a tin with a card bearing "With happy greetings from an old friend". A piece of shortbread was offered by Grace to Miss Thorburn, but she had a toothache so she declined the offer. The shortbread was served on the evening of Friday the 23rd, when Mrs Bain, a neighbour was present. Its somewhat bitter taste was noticed but this did not stop all four from eating their pieces, in fact Grace had two pieces. Shortly after, all felt pain, and Miss Thorburn, least affected, perhaps because she had a very small piece, was sent to fetch Dr. Robertson. Within an hour and a quarter, Grace had died in great pain, and the Doctor realising it was from poison sent for two other Doctors, McQueen, and Armitage. The police were called. On the 28th, five days later, Thomas Mathieson Brown of New Cumnock was arrested, the handwritting on the card provided the clue. Mr. Brown was also retired. A short, bearded man ,of about 44 years,he had until shortly before, been manager of the Lanemark Colliery, New Cumnock, retiring for health reasons. He was married to a niece of William Lennox and had attended Graces funeral: his wife nursed Mr. Lennox back to health. Following a preliminary hearing on 8th March, the case against Brown was heard before five Judges in the court of Justiciary, Edinburgh,on 18th, 19th and 20th March 1907. It was by then known that Brown had a History of epilepsy for some forty yrs. and had shown signs of insanity. In his summing up, the Lord Justice-General said that the first question for the Jury to decide was whether Brown was insane now. Only if they found him sane had they to consider whether or not he was guilty, and if guilty, was he insane at the time of the crime. At trial evidence was brought to show that Brown, had both Icing sugar and poison in his house: the strychnine was in form of a rat poison known as Rough on Rats. Dr. Littlejohn of Edinburgh, who was later Knighted, gave evidence of finding strychnine in the icing but not in the shortbread, it was present also in the organs and blood samples received from Dr. McQueen, who had carried out the post mortem examination. There was no evidence to show that Brown himself had iced the shortbread, which was apparently confectioner-made and sold undecorated. The shortbread parcel had been posted in Kilmarnock in the course of a roundabout railway journey from Glasgow,where Brown had paid for and used a bathroom at the Conservative Club in Bothwell Street, of which he was a member. The handwritting was identified as that of Brown's, who pled not guilty. William Lennox, to whom questions had to be put to writing, testified that Brown could not have known of his testamentary dispositions. Two medical experts from Glasgow gave evidence concerning forms of long term epilepsy for the prosecution. It was known that Brown had had a number of delusions. Browns counsel , Mr.Hunter, claimed that the precedent by which the case was being conducted was in fact unsound. He called no medical evidence, and clearly wished to fight the case on a question of guilt rather than sanity. The jury which had been put up at the Balmoral Hotel and had been refreshed at the judges orders by a drive on the morning of the last day before coming to court, retired for forty minutes. They returned the Verdict that the accused was "now insane" by a majority believed to be 11 to 4; the Lord Justice-General told the Jury he thought their conduct was "perfectly right". Brown was ordered to be detained during His Majesty's pleasure. The position was that if Brown had instead been found guilty but insane, he might conceivably been released from detention if later his condition appeared to improve, on the application of his own legal advisors. This affair known as the Cumnock Poisoning Case, caused much astonishment, interest, and sympathy, around Cumnock and New Cumnock particularly, and was fully reported in the "Scotsman". As far as William Lennox was concerned it was very much a Family affair. Most people believed that Brown was after his wife’s Uncles money, he had said that they had expectations from that quarter. His wife was a favorite of William Lennox. Grace was well liked and respected. The "Scotsman" referred to her as a "lady of much intelligence and a rare amiability of character" (26 November 1906) Her family was left to mourn her death with feelings which can only be imagined. a younger member wrote in a letter, which has survived, that she would dearly have liked to get her hands on Brown. Devotees of Detective fiction may be interested to know that the newspaper reports of Graces murder were believed to have given Dorothy Sayers the idea for her book "The Five Red Herrings" ,the plot of which involved a poisoning and a roundabout railway journey. ( Excerpt from the book "Your Kin and mine a story of the McKerrows" by Alexander "Sandy" McKerrow
1907 Ardrossan and Satlcoats Herald McKerrow Grace Dickie 22/11/1907 Woodside Cottage, Cumnock (memoriam) died 1906
  137 M v Charles MCKERROW was born in 1853. He died in 1854.
+ 138 M vi Charles MCKERROW

25. Agnes BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 1 Jan 1821 in Catrine, Sorn Parish. She died on 23 Dec 1889 in Campbelltown, Southland, NZ. The cause of death was Mental Disease, Paralysis & Coma. She was buried on 25 Dec 1889 in Campbelltown Cemetary.

Lived at Stowford ? Bridge Farm, Ayrshire

Agnes was born about 1820.

Agnes had a son, Francis, born about 1840/1841/1842, at Sorn Ayrshire. The evidence relates to the above Francis, grandson of Mungo and Grizel, and nephew of their son Mungo, below. Francis married Agnes Merrie in 1861 at Sorn, Ayrshire, quoting as his parents Ninian Tannock and Agnes Bryson. Francis used the name Francis Bryson Tanock on the marriage record, but note that his father’s surname was spelt Tannock on the same record. Previously, Francis had been known as Francis Bryson, see 1851 and 1861 censi. The 1861 census, as stated above, has a Francis Bryson, nephew of son Mungo below, resident at Whiteflatt, Sorn and the residence of Francis Bryson Tanock as given on the marriage record was Whiteflatt, Sorn, Ayrshire. There were so few Francis Brysons around, this had to be the same person.

For a full discussion concerning the relationship between Agnes Bryson and Ninian Tannock, see Ninian Tannock and Agnes Bryson Notes.

Agnes emigrated to New Zealand with her son and daughter in law. For discussion re Agnes’ emigration, see Francis Bryson and Agnes Merrie Notes.

After arriving in New Zealand, Agnes married Thomas Vale, an Englishman, who had arrived in New Zealand at approximately the same time as AgnesMulls. The Mulligan family tree does not list any children for Agnes and Thomas.

Agnes died at Campbelltown, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand in 1889. Agnes’ death was caused by mental disease, paralysis and comaMulls.

Two years later, Thomas married Mary Mclean about 1891Mulls.

Thomas died in 1893.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Agnes married (1) Ninian TANNOCK about 1865. Ninian was born on 20 Jul 1818. He died on 28 Apr 1886.

They had the following children:

+ 139 M i Francis BRYSON TANNOCK

Agnes married (2) Thomas VALE son of <Unknown> in 1865 in Invercargill. Thomas was born in 1821 in , England. He died on 24 Jul 1893 in Invercargill. He was buried on 26 Jul 1893.

Outlived Agnes by 4 years. Remarried to Mary McLean at age 70 (2 years before his death). Had been in New Zealand 30 years at his death, which makes his arrival about 1863 (as was Agnes').

28. David BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 19 Mar 1826 in Haughyett, Mauchline Parish. He was christened on 29 Mar 1826 in Mauchline, Ayr. He died on 30 May 1871. David was baptized on 29 Mar 1826 in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Twin brother of Francis

David was born at Haugh Yett, Mauchline, Ayrshire in 1826. David was a twin brother of Francis, see above. The baptism register clearly stated that David was the younger of the twins.

David married Elizabeth McKerrow at Hills, Ochiltree, Ayrshire in 1855. David’s occupation was farmer, and his usual address was Muirhill, Mauchline, Ayrshire, whilst his address at the time of his marriage was Whiteflatt, Sorn, Ayrshire. Notably, the marriage record states that David’s birth was not registered, though there is a clear record in the Old Parish Records for the Parish of Mauchline.

Elizabeth was born about 1828 at Blackfauld, Cumnock, Ayrshire. Elizabeth’s parents were George McKerrow, a farmer, and Margaret Weir. Elizabeth’s address was Hills, Ochiltree, Ayrshire at the time of her marriage. (The previous data comes from David and Elizabeth’s marriage record. Controversially the data for Elizabeth in the McKerrow family tree in states that she was born at Penpont, Dumfriesshire.)

David died at Dalfram, Muirkirk, Ayrshire in 1871. David’s ailment is unclear on the image of the death record. David’s death was registered by his brother Andrew.

David died Intestate, but an Inventory was registered, see David Bryson 1871 Inventory.

Elizabeth died at Kildavannan Schoolhouse, North Bute in 1902. Elizabeth’s death resulted from cancer of the rectum. Elizabeth’s death was registered by her daughter, Grace Weir, widow of David Weir of Gallanach Farm, Island of Muck.

For further details see David Bryson and Elizabeth McKerrow Notes.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

David married Elizabeth MCKERROW on 6 Jul 1855. Elizabeth was born in 1828. She died on 25 May 1902.

They had the following children:

  140 M i Mungo BRYSON was born on 31 Jul 1856. He died in 1863.
+ 141 F ii Margaret BRYSON
+ 142 F iii Grace BRYSON
  143 M iv George McKerrow BRYSON was born on 15 Jun 1864. He died on 12 Aug 1918.
  144 F v Elizabeth BRYSON was born on 21 Apr 1866.
        Elizabeth married Unknown TAYLOR.
  145 F vi Agnes Boyd BRYSON was born on 12 Sep 1867.
  146 F vii Mary Jane BRYSON was born on 20 Feb 1870.
        Mary married Unknown PRICKET.

29. Mary Grace (Grizzel) BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 20 Mar 1829 in East Whiteflat, Sorn Parish. She was christened on 30 Mar 1829 in Sorn, Ayrshire. She died on 16 Jan 1858. Mary was baptized on 30 Mar 1829 in Sorn, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Grizel was born about 1829. Grizel’s birth details are not available on line.

Grizel adopted the name Mary Grace, which appears on her marriage and death records.

Grizel married David Murdoch, a mineral works check clerk, at Daldorch, Sorn, Ayrshire in 1857. Mary was living at Daldorch.

David was born in 1827 at Grassyards, Mauchline, Ayrshire. David’s parents were David Murdoch, a farmer, and Margaret Murray. When he married, David’s normal residence was Dalry, where he was “clerk to iron establishment”.

Grizel died in 1858 at Whiteflat, Sorn, Ayrshire. Grizel’s marriage had lasted less than eight months. Grizel had been suffering from typhoid fever for four weeks. Grizel’s death was registered by her husband, David Murdoch.

David died at Sharon Street, Dalry, Ayrshire in 1876. David died as a consequence of pulmonary phthisis. David’s death was registered by his sister Margaret Murdoch of Garden House, Happin?

Daldorch is a country house immediately to the east of Catrine, Ayrshire, whilst Whiteflat is a farm immediately to the west of Catrine.

For further details see David Murdoch and Grizel Bryson Notes.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Mary married David MURDOCH on 28 Apr 1857. David was born on 22 Mar 1827. He died on 22 Apr 1876.

They had the following children:

  147 F i Grace Dickie MURDOCH was born in 1857.

30. Marion Dickie BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 28 Apr 1831 in East Whiteflat, Sorn Parish. She was christened on 15 May 1831. She died on 9 May 1899. Marion was baptized on 15 May 1831 in Sorn, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Marion was born about 1831. Marion’s birth details are not available on line.

Marion married John Watson, a farmer, in 1854 at Daldorch, Sorn, Ayrshire. Note the place of marriage is given consistently on the birth records of John and Marion’s children Sarah, William, Margaret and Grace.

John was born in Mauchline Parish, Ayrshire in 1838. John’s parents were William Watson, a tile maker, and Sarah Young.

Marion died at Daldorch, Sorn, Ayrshire in 1899. Marion had been suffering from a brain tumour for two years. Marion’s death was registered by her son Andrew Young Watson.

John died at Daldorch, Sorn, Ayrshire in 1912. John had been suffering from hypertrophy for six years, and suffered an embolism three days ahead of his death. John’s death was registered by his son John Watson of Burnfoot, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.

For further details see John Watson and Marion Bryson Notes.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Marion married John WATSON on 15 Mar 1854 in Sorn, Ayrshire. John was born in 1828. He died on 18 Apr 1912.

They had the following children:

  148 M i William WATSON was born on 23 Jul 1854. He died on 14 Mar 1859.
  149 M ii Mungo WATSON was born on 31 Jan 1857.
  150 M iii John WATSON was born on 8 Aug 1859.
  151 F iv Grace Watson WATSON was born on 18 Feb 1862. She died on 9 Dec 1864.
  152 F v Sarah WATSON was born on 13 Feb 1864.
  153 F vi William WATSON was born on 27 May 1866.
  154 F vii Margaret WATSON was born on 27 May 1868.
  155 F viii Grace WATSON was born on 7 Dec 1871.

31. Mungo BRYSON (Mungo , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 27 Jun 1833 in East Whiteflat, Sorn Parish. He was christened on 21 Jul 1833. He died on 29 Mar 1923. Mungo was employed as Farmer. He was baptized in Jul 1833 in Sorn, Ayrshire, Scotland.

1861 Census lists him as farmer of 160 acres

Mungo was born about 1833. Mungo’s birth details are not available on line.

Mungo married Jane (Jean) Alexander at Rigg, Auchinleck, Ayrshire in 1864. Rigg was Jane’s normal place of residence.

Jane was born at Cumnock, Ayrshire, in 1842. Jane’s parents were George Alexander, a carrier and dealer, and Jean Boswell. Jane appears to have been an only child.

Jane died on a footpath beside the Whiteflat (Whiteflatt) Burn, near Whiteflat, (Whiteflatt) Sorn, Ayrshire in 1914. Jane appears to have suffered a fatal heart attack. Jane’s death was registered by her son Mungo.

Mungo died at Whiteflat (Whiteflatt), Sorn, Ayrshire in 1923. Mungo’s death was the result of senile decay. Mungo, Mungo’s son registered his father’s death.

For further details, see Mungo Bryson and Jane Alexander Notes.

(Supplied by Jim Watson)

Mungo married Jane ALEXANDER on 6 Dec 1864. Jane was born on 9 Jul 1842. She died on 27 Mar 1914.

They had the following children:

+ 156 M i George BRYSON
  157 F ii Grace BRYSON was born on 20 Jun 1868. She died in 1953.
        Grace married James CAMPBELL on 28 Apr 1892. James was born on 3 Apr 1866. He died in 1954.
+ 158 M iii Mungo BRYSON
  159 M iv John Boswell BRYSON was born on 5 Nov 1871. He died on 21 Mar 1887.
+ 160 F v Jane BRYSON
  161 F vi Margaret BRYSON was born on 20 Nov 1875. She died on 3 Feb 1958.
  162 M vii Andrew BRYSON was born on 21 Mar 1878. He died on 11 Aug 1954.
+ 163 F viii Agnes BRYSON
+ 164 F ix Janet Boswell BRYSON

32. William JAMIESON (Jean BRYSON , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 29 Jan 1817.

William married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. Elizabeth was born in 1817.

They had the following children:

  165 M i John JAMIESON was born in 1853.

33. Agnes JAMIESON (Jean BRYSON , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 4 Feb 1819. She died on 27 Jan 1903.

Agnes married William BROWN on 13 Jun 1845. William was born on 24 Nov 1797. He died on 16 Dec 1874.

They had the following children:

+ 166 M i John BROWN
  167 F ii Jean BROWN was born on 22 Jul 1851.
  168 F iii Helen BROWN was born on 1 Nov 1853.
  169 M iv William BROWN was born on 30 Jan 1856. He died on 21 Jun 1926.
+ 170 M v Matthew BROWN
  171 F vi Agnes BROWN was born on 12 Sep 1860.

36. Ellen JAMIESON (Jean BRYSON , Andrew , Mungo ) was born in 1826. She died on 22 May 1891.

Ellen married James JOHNSTONE on 30 May 1853. James was born on 31 Oct 1827. He died on 1 Sep 1899.

They had the following children:

  172 M i James JOHNSTONE was born on 22 May 1850.
  173 M ii Walter Marshall JOHNSTONE was born on 25 Jan 1854.
  174 M iii William JOHNSTONE was born on 7 Dec 1855.
  175 F iv JOHNSTONE was born on 21 Sep 1857. She died in 1857/1861.
+ 176 M v Andrew Jamieson JOHNSTONE
  177 F vi Jane Bryson JOHNSTONE was born on 23 Dec 1860.
  178 M vii John JOHNSTONE was born on 26 Oct 1862.
  179 F viii Sarah JOHNSTONE was born on 17 Dec 1864.
  180 M ix Thomas Langstaff JOHNSTONE was born on 7 Mar 1868.

37. Andrew JAMIESON (Jean BRYSON , Andrew , Mungo ) was born on 5 Oct 1828. He died in 1871/1881.

Andrew married Mary MORTON on 18 Sep 1853. Mary was born in 1821. She died after 1881.

They had the following children:

+ 181 M i William JAMIESON

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