World War I Service:

Edwin Joseph Mulligan

The information below is from Edwin's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

His Attestation was dated 17 December 1915, at Trentham. His birth-place was Dunedin, on 28 Jamuary 1889. His occupation is given as Blacksmith, last residing at 80 Nith St, Invercargill. He had passed the Fourth Educational Standard. His last employer is given as NZ Railways. He was not married. He had already served 5 months in Dunedin Engineers. In the space in which, on other forms had Next of Kin, is written FH Mulligan (Brother), Winton, although it has been crossed out.

His physical description is given as: 26 years, 5 foot 7 inches, 126lbs, chest measuring 31 ½ - 36 inches, Fair complexion, Brown eyes, Brown haired. His religious profession was Church of England. His vision and hearing were good.

Service Details

He returned on the SS Kia Ora, disembarking at Lyttelton 7 May 1919. On his de-mobilization his medical examination lists him as having the rank of "Spr" - Sapper? - and his unit as NZE - Engineers? - service number 4/2031, and Civil Occupation was Loco Blacksmith and employment guaranteed by NZ Railways. Physically, he weighed 136 lbs, was 5 foot 7 ½ inches in height, and was in good health.

His Demobilization Certificate says he served 8 days in Egypt and 2 years 6 months in France or Belgium.


  • Admitted to No 2 NZ General Hospital Walton on 30 May 1917, with "Appendicitis" - slight
  • 4 September 1917 transferred to Convalescent Hospital Hornchurch
  • 18 September 1917 transferred to Walton with "Rectro Cascal Abscess"
  • Transferred to Conv. Hospital Hornchurch 9 October 1917
  • 10 November 1917 to furlough ex Hornchurch; report to Boscombe 26 November 1917